Baptist Health Implements First-of-its-Kind ED to PCP Referral Automation

What You Should Know:

– Baptist Health deploys first-of-its-kind conversational
digital assistant powered by LifeLink for patients who are discharged from the
Emergency Department (ED) with referrals.

– Since launch, the conversational chatbot solution, which
engages patients with mobile messaging to recommend follow-up care, the number
of PCP appointment requests have increased by 15%. The technology is integrated
into Cerner and Salesforce, personalizing the patient experience by working
with Patient Access and care navigation teams.

– In addition, the LifeLink technology supports patient
engagement workflows related to COVID-19 screening, care routing and
appointment requests.

Baptist Health,
a Jacksonville, Florida-based Baptist Health System is a network of five
nationally accredited hospitals has successfully deployed LifeLInk’s digital assistant solutions to reach
patients on their mobile devices to help them navigate their care across the

Why It Matters

Each year, more than 320,000 patients visit one of the 10
emergency departments in the Florida-based Baptist Health System network and
around 60% of those patients are discharged with instructions to follow up with
a Primary Care Physician (PCP). Yet, only 50% of patients with referral
instructions follow through with their care instructions and schedule
appointments – which can cost the hospital more money and endanger patient
health. The deployments marks Baptist as the first provider system to
successfully implement a conversational digital assistant for patients that are
discharged from the Emergency Department (ED) with referrals.

The technology supports two key patient engagement

1. Emergency department to Primary Care Physician (PCP)

2. COVID-19 screening, care routing, and appointment

Chabots Automate Patient Referrals and Care Navigation

The LifeLink chatbots engage every patient when they are
discharged from the ED. The bots reach patients with mobile messaging to
recommend PCP follow up care and help navigate into scheduled appointments
within the Baptist Health network. Since launch, the solution has increased the
number of PCP appointment requests by 15%.

A second major patient engagement challenge emerged as the
COVID-19 pandemic spread. In March, Baptist partnered with LifeLink to launch
an automated screener that aligned with county and state care guidelines,
providing the Baptist COVID-19 response team with much needed conversational
scale. The screener solution was implemented in less than two weeks.

As the symptoms and risk designations of COVID-19 became
more known, Baptist pivoted rapidly to deepen the screener by adding
capabilities to help patients request appointments 24×7, without need for any
human intervention.  This “digital front
door” technology improves appointment request rates for patients across
demographic segments through its simple and intuitive interface.

Cerner & Salesforce Integration

LifeLink is integrated to two key Baptist systems – Cerner
and Salesforce. The read-write capabilities between the digital assistants and
the EMR and CRM systems personalize the patient experience and ensure that the
bots are working in concert with Patient Access and care navigation teams.

“The Baptist team is innovating to deliver the kinds of experiences that patients expect from their healthcare providers,” noted Greg Johnsen, CEO of LifeLink. “Now more than ever, the healthcare industry needs to evolve with smart, interactive technology and leaders like Baptist are showing everyone how to do it.”