From Virtual Care to Hybrid Care: COVID-19 and the Future of Healthcare

From Virtual Care to Hybrid Care: COVID-19 and the Future of HealthcareFrom Virtual Care to Hybrid Care: COVID-19 and the Future of Healthcare

a national telehealth leader, released the results of its annual Physician and Consumer Survey. The results show physicians
and consumers expect to use telehealth more often following COVID-19 than they
did before the pandemic. Telehealth usage is up considerably in 2020, with 22%
of consumers and 80% of physicians having a virtual visit this year, up from 8% and 22%, respectively, in 2019. This adoption is largely driven
by a shift to scheduled visits across all specialties, whereas prior to
COVID-19 the majority of visits were for on-demand urgent care.

Report Background/Overview

Amwell commissioned Dynata to conduct an online study among
more than 2,000 adults, and commissioned M3 Global Consulting to conduct an
online survey of 600 physicians—300 primary care physicians and 300
specialists—to measure consumer and physician perceptions and usage of
telehealth. Both surveys were fielded in June 2020.

Read the findings from Amwell’s
2020 Physician and Consumer Survey
for a deeper look into what happened
during the pandemic—including how consumer and physician experiences,
behaviors, and expectations shifted—and to better understand the quickly
evolving role virtual care will play in healthcare. In addition to new survey
data, the eBook covers:

How COVID-19 has accelerated hybrid care models that combine
in-person and virtual care

– The importance of usability in provider and consumer
adoption of telehealth technology

– How consumer access to virtual care and the know-how to
leverage it remain highly uneven

– How, when, and how much consumers and providers plan to
use virtual care in the future

– Strategic questions organizations should consider to
influence the future direction of virtual care

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