Corrona Acquires Virtual Patient Community HealthUnlocked

Corrona Acquires Virtual Patient Community HealthUnlockedCorrona Acquires Virtual Patient Community HealthUnlocked

What You Should Know:

– Nationwide disease registry Corrona has acquired
virtual patient community HealthUnlocked, creating a first-in-class patient
experience ecosystem.

– The acquisition will enable Corrona to expand its broad
set of capabilities–ranging from highly granular and longitudinal structured
data across eight registries.

Corrona, LLC 
a nationwide disease registry and is now the largest
registry in the world collecting data on Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), today
announced it has acquired
London-based HealthUnlocked, the
world’s largest virtual patient community.  

Acquisition Will Establish Innovative Snapshot of Patient

Founded in 2010, HealthUnlocked leverages an innovative
social platform to connect 1.3 million patients, representing over 300 disease
states and conditions with more than 500 patient advocacy groups. Corrona’s
investment in HealthUnlocked helps to further expand the patient engagement
offerings that began in late 2019 with Corrona’s acquisition of HealthiVibe, a recognized leader in
patient experience and engagement. HealthUnlocked provides an additional
dimension of cultivated data by leveraging a social network of 1.3 million
patients across hundreds of condition-specific communities, moderated by over
500 patient advocacy groups, capturing insights to better understand what
matters most to these patients. HealthUnlocked will be integrated into
Corrona’s HealthiVibe business unit to establish an innovative and holistic
snapshot of the patient. 

By building out its patient experience business, Corrona is working to create an industry-leading ecosystem centered around the patient voice. This ecosystem directly supports both the 21st Century Cures Act and the FDA’s Patient-Focused Drug Development initiative, and establishes Corrona as a leader in patient insights and real-world evidence with both a scalable technology platform and short- and long-term outcomes and safety data. This data powerhouse is the first of its kind to provide such a wholistic, 360⁰ degree view of a patient while ensuring data integrity. 

“By combining with HealthUnlocked, we are expanding our broad set of capabilities–ranging from highly granular and longitudinal structured data across our eight registries, to broader patient insights from HealthUnlocked,” said Abbe Steel, Chief Patient Officer of Corrona. She continued, “The HealthUnlocked communities provide access to engaged patients across the globe, allowing us to better understand the patient experience and what matters most to patients. Our organization is positioned to expand its expertise in gathering, analyzing, and applying deep patient insights to optimize the patient journey and bring significant value to our clients.”