Powered by Blockchain, IBM Watson Health Launches IBM Digital Health Pass

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What You Should Know:

IBM Watson Health launches IBM Digital Health Pass solution that will allow individuals to verify their health status while maintaining complete control of their personal health data.

Today at HLTH VRTL 2020, IBM Watson Health announced plans to launch IBM Digital Health Pass, which is being designed to help support organizations as they return individuals to a physical location, such as a workplace, school, stadium or airline flight. The new solution is powered by IBM Blockchain technology and is being designed for an organization to establish their own criteria such as COVID-19 test results and temperature scans so that a verified health pass can be generated for an individual.

“There is an emerging opportunity to help organizations as they aim to bring individuals back to their public spaces,” said Paul Roma, General Manager, IBM Watson Health, this week during HLTH VRTL 2020. “Organizations are looking for solutions that can help them manage the return of individuals to public places, while striving to protect their privacy. We are developing the IBM Digital Health Pass with the goal of providing organizations with another resource as they begin to reopen.”