Vanderbilt University Medical Center to Create A Precision Medicine Trial Network Focused on Critical Illness

Vanderbilt University Medical Center to Create Precision Medicine Trial Network Focused on Critical IllnessVanderbilt University Medical Center to Create Precision Medicine Trial Network Focused on Critical Illness

What You Should Know:

– Vanderbilt University Medical Center inks a strategic
partnership with Endpoint Health to create the world’s first precision medicine
trial network focused on critical illness.

– Late-stage interventional trials will evaluate
personalized approaches to existing care and novel targeted therapies.

Vanderbilt University
Medical Center (VUMC)
and Endpoint
, the first targeted therapeutics company focused on integrated
solutions for critical illnesses, today announced a new strategic partnership to
create the first precision medicine clinical trial network focused on
late-stage clinical trials in critical illness.

Clinical Trial Network Details

VUMC will serve as the trial network coordinating center with Endpoint Health providing the underlying technology that leverages digital and molecular patient data to predict likely therapeutic response. The goal of the network is to conduct an ongoing series of trials that study multiple precision-driven interventions to treat or prevent critical illness. Endpoint’s technology is already being piloted in phase II randomized controlled trial at VUMC, which started enrolling patients this month. Endpoint will also sponsor the first precision interventional trial, which will evaluate one of the company’s investigational products.

Key Features

The network will combine leading critical illness researchers, trialists, and premier medical centers from across the country to create a sustained system for conducting phase II and III interventional trials intended to validate precision medicine technologies, therapies, and deployable patient-centric care approaches. In addition, the network will prioritize trials investigating promising precision-driven interventions to prevent or treat critical illnesses such as sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which are the most expensive conditions to treat in the hospital setting and are associated with half of U.S. hospital mortality.

COVID-19 has put a spotlight on the need for better, more personalized care that addresses critically ill patients in both the ED and ICU,” said Dr. Wesley Self, Vice Chair of Research in the Department of Emergency Medicine at VUMC. “Our ability to validate new treatments in a manner that can be translated into actual clinical practice quickly and effectively is an essential step to bringing life-saving targeted therapies to some of the sickest patients. This is an exciting development for the medical community, and ultimately patients, as it will facilitate significant new research and therapy discovery opportunities.”