Amazon Alexa, Sharecare Integrate to Answer More than 80k Health & Wellness Questions

Amazon Alexa Devices Can Now Answer Medication-Related QuestionsAmazon Alexa Devices Can Now Answer Medication-Related Questions

What You Should Know:

– Sharecare integrates with Amazon Alexa’s voice service
to answer more than 80,000 health and wellness questions.

– And now, when Alexa responds to customers’ questions
about health topics, Sharecare is among the roster of trusted health
information sources to which the voice service attributes answers.

 Sharecare, the digital health
company that helps people manage all their health in one place through its
comprehensive and data-driven virtual
platform, today announced it is integrating its library of more than
80,000 questions and answers on various health and well-being topics into the Amazon
voice service. The collaboration between Sharecare and Alexa builds
upon the digital health company’s commitment to democratize the availability of
trusted health information and engage consumers in improving their well-being
through innovations in voice technology. 

“As the digital landscape of consumer health information grows increasingly crowded, determining the credibility of that information also can be challenging to navigate,” said Dawn Whaley, president of Sharecare. “For nearly a decade, Sharecare has partnered with more than 180 trusted health organizations as part of our mission to help people easily access the latest scientifically validated information to support their overall well-being. And with more than 19 million people in the U.S. actively using voice assistants to seek health information, being selected by Amazon’s Alexa to provide their customers with verified answers from Sharecare enables even more people to access what they need, when they need it, and through a frictionless experience.” 

Integration Details

Sharecare’s award-winning
content – which spans virtually every health topic from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ – empowers
people to navigate their well-being by helping them understand different
aspects of their health. Curated in collaboration with its partners – including
leading healthcare providers, non-profit organizations, and academic
institutions – Sharecare’s medically vetted content is created by its deep
bench of health journalists and digital producers.

Further, through its
collaboration with the Boston University School of Public Health on the
Community Well-Being Index (CWBI), Sharecare measures well-being through the
lens of social determinants of health, providing people with detailed rankings
and deeper context on how their own health is impacted by where they work,
live, and play. And now, when Alexa responds to customers’ questions about
health topics, Sharecare is among the roster of trusted health
information sources to which the voice service attributes answers. Try

– “Alexa, when should I get screened for colon cancer?” 

– “Alexa, how long does it take your body to digest food?” 

– “Alexa, when is the peak of flu season?” 

– “Alexa, how long are you supposed to wash your hands?” 

– “Alexa, why are my feet cold?” 

– “Alexa, why do people smoke?”